Debbie Burnett

Posted by Julián Pinillla on

"Debbie is in her 36th year of teaching. My mother has always been passionate about teaching, and throughout my entire life, I've seen her wake up early and go to bed late every single day, continually coming up with new lesson plans to better educate her students and grading assignment after assignment. The unexpected transition to remote learning has had its challenges, but in her typical fashion, she's working harder than ever to provide her students with meaningful lessons. She's also working longer hours, something I didn't think was possible. She checks in with her students and their parents daily. She's making step-by-step videos to make sure her students know what they're supposed to do. She calls and Facetimes with parents to answer their questions. She'll still be the last teacher up the night before grades are due, doing what she can to make sure her students have made at least some progress in spite of the challenges everyone is facing at this time."

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