Courtney McHugh Lyons

Posted by Julián Pinillla on

"My friend Courtney is quietly and consistently amazing every day. Courtney homeschools her three boys and for years she has gone out of her way to share creative ideas about lesson plans that work. While every mother is now finding herself a homeschool teacher, she is a pillar of inspiration for activities and resources. Courtney takes great joy in quilting and creating home textiles like table linens for friends and neighbors, donating and gifting much of her work to those who need it more than her; lately, her quilting has been put on pause in favor of producing face masks and surgeon caps for local hospitals. For these reasons and many more, she is my role model. I look to live my life a little more like her every day, sharing ideas, giving all I can to others, and, despite the readily available shortcuts, going out of my way to tread lightly on our amazing planet."

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